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Your Child's Story


What to do and Why .....

• Record history – changes, growth and development
• Record achievements – certificates, special words spoken,
• Record events – starting school, first friend, first teacher, first hair cut
• Record special memories – birthdays, Christmas, holidays, time at the beach

What do children need as they grow up?

A sense of belonging – being attached, secured to a firm foundation of family roots and people who have been there

A sense of significance – I am worthy of this attention

A sense of progress – I have been growing, changing and developing. I can do things in stages. I can do more things as I get older

A sense of being delighted in/enjoyed – My family have also enjoyed me and it has been recorded. (This can really help in the hard times)

A sense of perspective – there have been good times in my life as well as the hard times

A sense of richness – I have been blessed and cared for.

A sense of history – chapters have occurred. No year has been the same. People have come and gone. Some things have remained.

A sense that I am unique and special – there is no other recording like this one. It is not about being first or last – it is about being me and treasuring the things that I value.

A sense of attachment to my family – the rules, the motto’s and the culture that is ours

Don't for get to create some Unique features

Places for photo’s
Envelopes for special keepsakes, letters
Recording changes in growth, height etc
Prompts – to help you record things, collect things like badges, ticket stumps etc
Love links – great for families of all shapes and sizes

Trust me – it will be a Blockbuster Best Seller!