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You Need To Know The Answers To These Questions


Every dad needs to know the answer to the following questions.

This especially important when you are parenting your daughters.

Most of your parenting of younger children is heading for the “White Water Rafting” years, your child’s teenage years where peer pressure really kicks in.

Meaning their teenage mates will have a huge influence in their developing lives.

So as a dad/ parent coach “Keep ahead”

Do you know the answers to these questions?

•  Who are your kids hanging out with?

•  Who do they spend the most time with?

•  Who do they talk to on the phone the most?

•  Who are the three people they e-mail or text the most?

Keep ahead and involved by knowing the answers to those questions.

Studies show that interested and involved dads can help keep their children away from excessive drinking and drugs.

Remember the great line: “I’m not letting you go to that party, because you are too precious to mum and I.”