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You are smarter than your teenager ..... true!


You are smarter than your teenager….true!

The frontal lobes on their brains are not fully formed, so teenagers assess risks haphazardly. For their brain to fully mature, they need adults who will push them to link their choices with consequences.

They want respect, so they need language such as:

•    “Does that sound fair?”
•    “Is that a deal?”

They need the ‘what if?’ questions and opportunity to write their own rules, to keep curfews, etc.

But they need adults who will set boundaries and give them ‘street- smarts’.
Good kids who are not used to street life may not have the sixth sense that trouble is brewing, where as kids who are familiar with trouble and the whole street scene that goes with that recognize what is going down and get out so they are not discovered.

Prepare your teenager to always have a contingency plan to get out of a situation, remind them to ring you to pick them up if needed, go places with mates not alone, etc.
They will become more self-assured as they get older.

At fourteen they are the most oppositional and yet the most insecure about their peer’s view of them. They think that the world has a telescope focused the wrong way on them.

They need adults who are to be the ‘big people’ to life coach them.

Girls often get into troubles that have ‘passive’ fathers.
It’s as if they are pushing their dads to see if he will fight for them.