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Why Dads As Male Mentors Are So Important


Hi Awesome dads,

I trust your week is going well and you have had some time to enjoy the sun with your children.

Below is this weeks strategy - just a little reminder of HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE in your kids lives! Have a great week!

The story was told in a wildlife journal of a female elephant and her young bull elephants that were moved to a different wildlife park. The juvenile elephants ganged up and attacked a rhinoceros. This is bizarre behaviour for young elephants.

The keepers tried everything to correct this behaviour, nothing worked.

Then they hit on the idea of bringing two older bull elephants into the scene.

Within weeks the behaviour of the juvenile elephants changed for the good.

Apparently, under normal circumstances, the older bull elephant will teach the young ones how to act. In the absence of the adult male, these young juveniles decided to gang up and create violence and havoc.

Boys need men to take them across to manhood, sadly women can’t do this.