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What is the source of your pain?


Maybe you have experienced the pain of cancer, losing a job, financial problems, addiction or divorce. 

I have stuttered most of my life. I found it humiliating as a teenager! 
But now I realised it was a great source of meaningful learning in my growing up.

That dreadful source of your pain can be used for good. 
Your pain can grow into an empathy-fuelled purpose and passion to help others. 

Share to encourage.

Acknowledge your pain. The painful experiences or conditions in your life you want to put behind you or ignore are exactly what you should share with others for their encouragement and for your growth. Your pain can be used for good.

Role model.

You are a role model to your children whether you want to be or not. They will watch the way you handle the pain in your life. Show them by example how to rely on God and others. Teach them that pain does not have to make us angry, bitter, or hopeless.

Show them, and yourself, how to turn pain into purpose.