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What is one of the most powerful gifts you can give your child?


It's not some high-tech gadget you can pick up at a store... it's a sense of belonging. 

So how can you instil that in your kids? At home, let your kids know they're important to you, and to your family.

Say stuff like, “I’m so proud you guys are in our family team.”

Affirm their positive character traits, encourage their unique gifts, and let them know their thoughts and opinions matter. 

Then, when you're out in public, praise them to others - and proudly claim them: "This is my daughter, Kim... she's one amazing young lady"... "This is my son, Andrew... I'm so proud of him."

So give your kids a sense of belonging and they'll never have to look for it elsewhere.

If you arrive home late and they are in bed, rush into their room and say, “Quick in the car.” When they say, “Why?” Just say, “Get in the car.”
“Should we change into our clothes?”
“No, your pyjamas are fine.”
They think, “Mums told on us and dads taking us to the glue factory to melt us down.”
You drive off to a takeaway place, and ask, “ 3 thick shakes please, what flavours guys?”,
They give their flavours 
As you drive out one child will say, “Why did you do that Dad?”
“Cause you’re in my team!” 

Occasional fun events like that, gives your children a clear message they belong!