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Traditions Are Important To Children; It Gives Them Connections


Tevy in the great musical, “Fiddler on the Roof” said. “Traditions, traditions they tell me who I am and (pointing upwards) who He is.”
Christmas is a great time for family traditions.
In our family we continued with the grandchildren what we started with their parents. On Christmas Eve we light the Christmas tree and candles.
 I get sparkling grape juice and we eat grandma’s ‘world-class’ fruit mince pies.

Each person shares the year’s best:
•    Movie
•    Book
•    Sports game
•    Blessing
•    Fun moment.

Even cynical teenagers come on board.

Then I read the Christmas story from The Gospel of Luke chapter 2 and then pray a blessing on each member of the family.

This year is significant as it’s the two hundredth anniversary of when Samuel Marsden told the Christmas story for the first time in Aotearoa to a large group of Maoris at Oihi bay in the Bay of Islands. Traditions like this teach children they are connected to a group who loves and appreciates them.

Then have fun, like when they wake on Christmas morning there is a string tied to their bed with a note that ‘at the end of this string is a present for you.’ It’s great when it leads through hedges etc!

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your loved ones.