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Things to Teach Your Kids About Failure


1. Not Everybody Gets A Trophy 

Somewhere along the line we became a society that preached instant gratification. Like a giant side-show, our slogan became “everybody wins all the time.” We know it’s not true. It’s also a terrible example to set. Losing is every bit as important in human growth as winning. Rewarding your child for doing nothing will teach them just that. Nothing! 

2. Everyone Has Different Talents 

There are just some things we aren’t cut out for.It’s best to learn that at an early age. The good news is that they are a champion at something. Guide them towards where their gifts lie. 

3. Have Dignity 

What is one of the most flattering descriptions a person can hear? “He sure has a lot of class.” “She sure was a great sport about it.” We need to teach our children how to fail with dignity? How a person accepts failure is an easy indicator of the character within. It also almost guarantees future success. Respect is gained outwardly and inwardly. 

4. Learning From Mistakes 

“I think and think for months. For years. Ninety-nine times the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right.” Who said that? Albert Einstein. When you are learning, mistakes are alright. 

5. Perseverance

Dust yourself off and get back on the field. Determination wins many victories. We should not allow our children to give up on themselves. 

6. Know How To Win

It might sound obvious, but knowing how to win is the easiest way not to lose. For instance, your daughter is selling biscuits for the Girl Guides. She knocks on two hundred random doors and sells twenty packages in four hours. A lot of effort for little gain. The next day he sets up a stand in front a busy grocery store. Uniform on. Charm and smile intact. She sells two hundred packages in a single hour. Which was the most successful tactic? Game planning is an essential part of a successful life. 

7. Humour 

When you make mistakes in front of your kids, set the example. Don’t curse and scream at the sky. Just shake your head and laugh. Stuff happens.