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There are 52 Virtues or values important in life.


The best way to teach these to your children is at home. A good character is learnt around the home.
Here are 12 most important values:

•    Respect “We speak politely to everyone.”

•    Perseverance: “Hanging in when things get tough.”

•    Self Control: “learning to make wise decisions even when it hurts.”

•    Honesty: “Always being truthful.”

•    Kindness: “Especially to people younger than you.”

•    Courage: “feel the fear but still do the right thing.”

•    Initiative: “Seeing what needs to be done and doing it.”

•    Dependability: “Being dependable no matter what.”

•    Generosity: “Kind hearted attitude in giving to others.”

•    Communication: ’Using effective words to express yourself.”

•    Thankfulness: “Always being grateful.”

•    Loyalty: “ Building strong family and friendship bonds.”

Enjoy having great discussions with your children on these important life values.