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The Inconvenient Plan


If you find as a dad you are constantly threatening your children about their bad behaviour and you are on the constant ‘nagging merry-go-round’, then it’s time to try the proven “Inconvenient Plan.’

This is how it can work;

You decide that you will no longer put up with unpleasant bickering when you go to your friend’s house. You don’t want your children fighting and complaining about things when you are out.

The plan is

  • You tell your children what you expect from their behaviour

  • You tell your children what will happen if they don’t comply, which is to leave  and go back home

  • You absolutely act when they fail to behave appropriately

  • You remember not to scold, yell, fuss or fume

  • You leave the place you are at and go home.


  • Refrain from warnings and prompts – it makes you look anxious and hesitant

  • Let people in on the secret if necessary so that they are with you and know what is going on

  • The plan is thought out and in place before you leave home so that you have confidence in what to do should you need to act.

So, you are off on a special family treat like going to the Zoo.

Your children start fighting in the car.

You warn them to stop; they don’t, so without even turning around you say,

“This isn’t working. We are going back home.”

Use a quite confident voice, but go home. Believe me, it really does work.

Say it! Mean it! Do it!

It will freak out your kids that dad really turned around and drove home, but they will never repeat that bad behaviour.

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