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The Importance of Attitude


Our attitude gives us altitude to get over difficulties.

1. Belief is likely the most critical factor when predicting success
The belief that you can achieve your goals makes a difference. The belief that in your parents’ and God’s eyes you are capable is a powerful motivator in success.

2. Initial trajectory is critical
The attitude you get out of bed with, bring to breakfast, or at least carry into the office with you from the car, tends to be the one that rules the day.
Make a deliberate choice to begin the day, the meeting, the conversation, the conflict, the meal with your spouse with a hopeful, positive tone. It will not only set the course but actually affect the outcome.

3. Smile
Even smiling on the phone changes a conversation.You can try this at home for free! There are two specific behaviors that affect the positive progress of phone conversations. First, getting onto your feet, preferably moving around, while talking. Second, deliberately smile while talking. It may be true that positive things can make you smile, but it’s even truer that smiling makes for positive outcomes.

4. “Facts” do not always tell the whole truth
Given the same collection of “facts,” two individuals can respond completely differently because of attitude. The right attitude can welcome a challenge while the wrong attitude can complain about all the obstacles.

5. Be a contagious leader
As dads, we are by definition leaders. A dad’s positive attitude can change the atmosphere in the family.

So Dads let’s get the positive attitude rolling and watch the great effect!