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The Easter Tune Up


Family Traditions are so important.

Every culture has important traditions and they usual have a Spiritual base.

In the great musical “Fiddler on the Roof” Teyve the milkman says “Traditions, traditions they tell me who I am (then pointing to the sky says) and who He is”

So Easter is a great time for traditions.

My dad came from a tough area in Glasgow, to New Zealand at 17 by himself.

The Christian community helped him find dignity and meaning in life, so every Easter he would take kids from Nae Nae State homes to an Easter convention in Hastings every year to give them hope in life. 

So that has become a tradition for me to help people find hope at Easter.

I have friends who cook Easter buns with a marshmallow in the centre that melts and they eat on Easter Sunday morning to signify Christ’s resurrection.

Make fun Easter eggs to celebrate new life at Easter.

Every family needs traditions that cover the four dimensions of life: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social.

Remember family traditions give your child the ‘connections’ they need for a meaningful life.

Easter has now passed for this year; did you make it part of a tradition for your Family? Easter is a wonderful way of communicationg to your children that there is a creator God who loves them and wants to be part of their lives. My challenge as a dad and grand dad is that I don’t want my family members growing up to be cosmic orphans.

I invite you to go to demand and listen to my Good Friday interviews that were on between  6am-8am Good Friday, some amazing guest talk on dads and attachment in families.

Warmest Regards