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The Curse of Super-Nannies on TV


Although the Super-nannies on TV give great advice, unfortunately parents often only apply the parenting advice they have seen a few times with their child and then give-up.

Children are smart enough to realize, “Oh! Mum's going to try this new fad thing for a while and then drop it.” So I’ll just grin and bear it!”

A psychologist friend of mine has a wooden block with two grooves carved on it.
One is going down and is deep while the other is shallow and going straight.
He explains to his patients the downward deep groove is the bad behavior and the straight shallow groove is the new right behavior.
So it will take time before the right behaviour is deeper than the bad behaviour groove.

Remember as humans we always take the least resistant path ie the deep groove.

Same with parenting there are very few instant results so it usually takes Persistence and Consistence to successfully parent children.

So never quit on the good stuff.

And remember some things just need time.