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The Building Blocks to a Meaningful Life


The Building Blocks for a meaningful life.

  • A Self to live with.

  • A work to live for.

  • A faith to live by.

  • A Cause greater than yourself worthy of your life.

Two psychologist’s research shows that poverty doesn’t lead to crime rather it depends if between children between 5-8 years they were taught virtues and morals.

Easter a great time to relax and talk to your children about the four building blocks of life:

  • A Self to live with:

What are six good things about themselves?

  • A Work to live for:

What would be their dream job?

  • A faith to live by:

Our Spirituality is not a vacuum, what drives us Christianity, Materialism or Hedonism, or?

  • A Cause to die for:

If we have a great cause worthy of our life we won’t take our life for nothing.