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The Big Picture


Sometimes it’s great to get away from the city lights and look at the night sky.

Just to get the big picture on life. We dads need do remember to look at the big picture of our fathering. Don’t get caught up in the performance trap, so that you have no energy left for your family.

At a recent seminar I attended, I watched as the presenter placed a large glass jar on the table. Beside the jar were a number of “tennis ball” size rocks. 

He asked the crowd, "How many of these rocks do you think I can fit into this jar?" 

Someone guessed ten.

Another guessed eight. 


The presenter began to place the rocks into the jar. Soon the jar is full of twelve rocks. 

The audience agreed that the jar was full. 


Then the presenter brings a box of smaller rocks and pours them into the jar.

They filter all around the bigger rocks.

He asks, “Is the jar full?” 

No! They roar, because they know what's next. 

Yes! Sand!

Then water!

“Now it's really full?”


The presenter asks, "What's the point?" 


Someone says, "There is always room for more in your life!" 


"Maybe,” says the presenter "But the point really is this."

"If the big rocks don't go in the jar first, they don't get in the jar at all!" 


Great point!

Let's make sure we put the big rocks - like relationships, family, and community, first, in our jar of life! Lets make sure that in later years, we will be able to look back and know that we were a true hero – one who built people, not just someone who built empires!