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The basics of functional families


Dads make great parents because they instinctively believe in the 4R’s:

•    Rules

•    Reasons

•    Routines

•    Ridiculousness

Dads have you given your children rules (and reasons for) and routines for living?
And are you a fun dad?

Parents (both Mums and Dads) need to be clear about the rules.  How we treat one another, being honest and so on.  
If there are two parents, they need to agree on these so the kids know where they stand.

As they get older they need reasons.  These are a test of whether our rules are reasonable and fair.
Routines provide security and predictability.  They save time too, because everyone knows what’s expected.  Who does the cleaning up, the dishes, and the lawns?  

Once you have a stable base of rules, reasons and routines you can have some fun.  Humour breaks the routines occasionally.  

Just be careful as a dad that you don’t steal all the fun times from mum who might have done the hard yards with the kids before you got home from work.