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The 7 ways to keep love alive in your family


The 7 ways to keep love alive in your family.

1. Praise is such a great gift, and it’s easy to give. So look at the things that make your spouse and children unique and develop the habit of praising them for those special things.

2. Every painful trial is like an oyster, and there is a special pearl created through pain---a personal benefit---in every single one.

3. Learn to be each others  ‘cheerleader’. This is powerful when dad integrates this great habit.

4. Don’t go it alone. Welcome fresh insights from other perspectives--- from extended family, friends, and good parenting books or experienced counsellors.

5. Learn to say sorry and mean it!

6. In a naturally satisfying relationship, both people’s needs are  expressed, and they have the flexibility to give and take.

7. Honour goes hand in glove with love, a verb whose very definition is doing worthwhile things to someone who is valuable to us.