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The 4 Essentials of Life


There are four essential truths that dads need to teach their kids before they leave home.

They are: 

• Life is hard, (don't let your feelings rule your life: real achievement nearly always requires over-coming our feelings.) 

• You are going to die, (The real riches in life are strong faith, a clean conscience, and the love of family and friends. Everything else is “extra”) 

• You are not ultimately in control. (Responsibility is unavoidable , for we all are answerable to someone, As Bob Dylan’s song said “You’ve got to serve somebody”) 

• And your life is not about you. (If we seek happiness directly in life it eludes us: we only grasp it when we try to give to others) 

Not exactly a course in self-esteem, but perhaps more valuable for your children to lead a better life. Be sure to talk these over with your adolescent in your own way and timing. These are great for a discussion around the dinner table. 

Ask them what they think about these 4 essentials of life. 

At my stage of life I have to admit my disability of stuttering was one of the best things that happened to me. It taught me all those 4 essentials of life.