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Ten things a daughter needs from her Dad


1. Reliability. You’re the most important man in her life; so don’t let her down. 

2. A Hero. She needs a hero so you be it! John Wayne had it right. Tough on the villain but gentle with his women.

3. To experience trustworthy love. Never forget that you are her first love. You’re the first man she ever gave her heart to. 

4. Someone who models humility. Teach her humility but not false humility – never let her put herself down. 

5. A protector. Let her boyfriends understand they are answerable to you.

6. Someone who helps her to hold onto her dreams, teach her empathy for others and the grit to stick to a task.

7. A model for her future choice of a future life partner. Develop your listening skills and model good character. Be the type of man she’ll want to marry.

8. Teach her who God is. Let her know she has a loving heavenly father. 

9.  Someone who can show her the difference between risky behaviour and the sort of courage that will help her succeed. Teach her to take smart risks.  You only succeed if you take smart risks. 

10.  Relationship coach. Listen and contribute wisdom over her relationships. Never tell her that her boyfriend is a ‘drongo’. She is likely to marry him to prove you wrong.  Rather engage him in intelligent conversation and she might think “Gee he’s not as smart as my Dad is.”