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Teach Your Family About Courage


From Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace in 1301 to the Tiananmen Square uprising in China in 1989, from the firefighters who climb the burning stairs of the World Trade Centre to the disabled athlete who lines up on a start line, courage transcends time and culture. 

Talk with your family tonight over dinner:

  • "What have I done lately that was courageous?" 

    • “What is courage?” 

    • “Why should we have it?”

    • Is courage important in little life situations too? Courage is contagious, and your kids are always watching what you do in tough situations of life.

So as parents don’t wimp out, be courageous!

Teach our children to stand for the hard right rather than the easy wrong.

So let’s take a risk in standing up for what is right and help raise a new generation of heroes.