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Teach Your Children Self Control


Teach your children self control.
A study just released from Otago University states that self control is one of the most important factors in your child’s success in life. (Professor Richie Poulton and two professors from Duke University).

I believe self control covers these factors:
•    Doing the right thing because it’s the right thing.
•    Delaying gratification until the task you have to do is completed.
•    Learn functional behaviour rather than dysfunctional behaviour.

Dysfunctional behaviour is I feel — I act.
Functional behaviour is I feel — I think — then act.

These three factors of self control begin the moment your child says the word No! And end when you child is 18 years of age.
That's why ‘stand and think’ is a very good learning tool for a young child.
When you make a request to your child and they disobey.

You repeat the request and if they disobey again you stand them in a corner and say, “You're standing in this corner because you wouldn't put away your toys, I want you to think how you can, get out of this corner?”
Obviously you can't stand your teenager in a corner but you can put them in a ‘mental’ corner.

“When your voice is as quiet as mine, I'll answer you.”