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Teach your child how to deal with mistakes


When your child is on ‘the bench’ show them how to get off ‘the bench’ and back into the game of life.

•    Give your child ownership of the problem they have made.
•    Give them ‘the tools’ to fix it.
•    Leave their dignity intact.

“You have left my best saw outside and it has gone rusty-what are you going to do?”

“I can give you some CRC and glass paper and you can clean it.
Or you can buy me a new saw, you choose?

“You have splashed mud all over the windows. Here is some soapy water and a cloth- let’s see how you can clean it again.   I’ll help get you started.

Teach your child “Mistakes are okay when you are learning –you can say sorry and put it right.”

Anyone who never made a mistake, never made anything!