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Take time to share your love with your wife


If your wife said “Oh! Valentine's Day is a commercial gimmick.”
And you did nothing, you could pay for it the rest of the year!

Seriously Valentine’s Day reminds us to express our love to our wife.

* So, if you need to catch up then suggest a special date to her favourite café, or go to the place you first meet. (As long as it is not kilometres away!)

* A great idea is to go for a bush walk, on the way let her tell you of her earliest memories as a child, on the way back tell her your earliest memories.  Don’t make any comment till a few days later on, what was shared.  Just let it ‘sink in.’  When Mary and I did that I learnt so much about her.

* Surprise her with her favourite breakfast in bed one morning.

* Write her a love note.

* Over a meal tell her the 7 things you love most about her, and end by saying,” Honey you are irreplaceable!”