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Swimming against the tide


I recently saw the movie Hacksaw Ridge with two of my teenage grandsons. We were all challenged by the hero, Desmond Doss’s, commitment to stick to his values and do the right thing in spite of the circumstances and consequences. He eventually saved 76 lives in one night without carrying a gun, and was later honoured with the congressional medal for bravery.

It got me thinking about the challenges we face, and our boys are facing, in today’s world.
Our boys today are facing a different type of warfare against a culture cultivated through pornography and the media, of disrespect for women, sex linked to violence and a brutality in the way men and women speak.
In this season of office parties, we may need to speak out about strippers invited to events, locker room jokes and generally talk that objectifies women.

Lead by example
If you help to change the culture amongst friends and colleagues by saying things like “ I don’t appreciate talking about women like that,” or “ That’s not cool.” You’ll begin to change the culture in your workplace or amongst friends.
You may be mocked or even called “Auntie”, but you will be creating a change for good.

When this happens – tell your teenagers and encourage them to be brave in standing up against a culture of disrespect.