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Struggling to get your kids to do their household jobs well?


One of the keys to being successful in your career is asking yourself what excellence in your job looks like.  

It's the same with our kids and their chores. When they are asked to mow the lawn or rake the leaves, they should have an idea of what a great job looks like, and aim at doing it well.  

In fact, they should strive to go above and beyond expectations.
If they approach life with this philosophy, they can't help but to succeed.  But how do we teach them that? 
The why of chores is this: children need responsibility at home to reach their full potential. Requiring our kids to complete their chores doesn't just ease the burden for us; it releases the best in them.

It’s never too young to start.
In our family:

At 2 you make your bed. (Just get them to pull up the duvet.)
At 3 you set the table.
At 4 you unload the dishwasher.
At 5 you load the dishwasher.
At 6 you learn how to use the Mum’s powerful power tool the vacuum cleaner.
Teenagers should cook a family’s meal once a week.

Set high standards so they have a sense of I did a great job!