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Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters


In her book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, pediatrician Dr. Meg Meeker says that the best thing in the world for girls is to have a father who loves them and expresses that love.  

In fact in a TV interview she said the major social mistake of the last 30 years was underestimating how important dads are in raising girls.
A good dad, she states give their daughters strength and authority to be strong and capable women.

It’s a tragedy to see young women taking risks with alcohol, sex and drugs.
The police tell me how scary young women now behave on weekends.
As one officer shared, “It’s as if they were brought up wrapped in cotton wool and now wants to enjoy the excitement of risk taking, no matter what.”

I believe many of these women never had a dad who said, “You’re lovely and capable and I’m so proud you are my daughter.”

This Father’s day, send your daughter a hand written letter on quality paper, telling her six things you are proud of about her. Especially if she is an adolescent, in fact even if she is a mature woman your letter will mean heaps to her.

Better still take her out for a date then present the letter.

Tread carefully if you have more than one daughter because they will compare notes. One dad shared one of his daughters was a bit upset his comments were shorter on her letter than her sisters.