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So You Want Your Kids To Be Wealthy....


One sociologist, looking over 8,000 years of human history, writes that the measure of wealth is the ability to own a book and be able to read it. Literacy is the ultimate luxury. And yet, in that regard, our country is becoming poorer and poorer.

Instill a love of reading into your children by reading books with them and discussing them as you go along. This could include novels they’re reading in school or supplementary reading. Make your children truly rich in spirit – read with them.

By taking the little black marks that exist on paper and instilling them into their minds they develop their brains just as bar-bells develop their muscles. The positive evidence that reading books has on the developing brain far exceeds that of reading text language or hearing the spoken word. Neuro-scientists have proved this with both CAT and MRI scans and numerous cognitive tests.

Reading stories captures their imaginations to picture the characters they are reading about. Stories are important to read as we all live in our own story.

Reading should be developed as a treasure and balanced with electronic game time, TV watching, exercise, sport, texting and sleep!

Being a good dad is about instilling this balance like a coach instils a new game play or fitness routine in his team. Reading should be encouraged as healthy, fun, non-neogtiable and the thing likely to get them "really wealthy".

The Book “Gifted Hands,” the Ben Carson story, (from street kid to top neurosurgeon.)

Is one of ideal ‘story’ books to read.

Let me know how you find it. For other great reads (probably most appropriate for boys but certainly not exclusively), click on "5 Books".