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Should TGIF really be TGIM?


With Easter coming up I’m sure that most of us men can’t wait to get off the job this Thursday and into the holiday weekend.

You’ve heard the saying "Thank God its Friday", maybe we should say, “Thank God its Monday.”

Think about it; are we all just working for wages and a couple of days of fun each weekend?

This may come as a surprise but we are all created to work and find pleasure in our work…children included.

Whether we’re on the job or doing DIY, work can be satisfying and fulfilling.

Studies show that work can have a positive effect on mental and physical health. So, if you have a job you truly enjoy, be grateful. If you’re struggling, determine exactly why.

One expert on the subject suggested to me that it's like traffic lights. You will be fulfilled if fifty percent of your job is green…. I love it. Thirty percent is orange…not bad but it’s my job. Only twenty per cent is red…I hate it but it’s my job.

If it gets to 50% orange…”Not bad but it’s my job’…. 30% red… ‘I hate it!’ 20% green…. I love it…You could have a nervous breakdown within two years.

For children to have jobs around the house is one of the factors in ‘suicide proofing’ them, because it gives them a sense of self worth i.e. they are part of a team and needed.

Share this traffic light illustration with your children especially teenagers so they get the message, “My parents know about life wisdom stuff!’