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Shades of Violence


This week’s Dad strategy is about a very important issue for our young adults. My Mary’s letter to the editor of the NZ Herald published on Valentine’s Day says it all!

Shades Of Violence

This week almost every news programme has dedicated time to the launch of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. With this have come interviews with sex shop owners celebrating "through the roof" sales of bondage paraphernalia.

What is mind-boggling is that, until recently, it was accepted community wisdom that sex linked to violence is not OK.

Every parent and grandparent should think hard about what our teenagers think when adults fawn over a movie based on the idea that sex involving abuse can be linked to romance.

Is a generation of girls being groomed to think they need to participate in this type of humiliating and degrading sex, and young men to think girls want to be treated like this?

With all our concerns about violence against women, we need to give a clear message that an intimate relationship that involves violence, consensual or not, is emotionally disturbed.

-Mary Grant