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What Easter's All About


School teachers tell me that it is amazing how many children no longer know why we have Easter and what it is all about...

While I have no problem with children going on Easter egg hunts and looking for Easter bunnies, it is a tragedy that so many don’t know about their Christian heritage and the huge significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

The lasting image I have of last Easter was Sunday church service when the children were given turns at hitting a piñata, out of which burst coloured paper butterflies and sweets. The verse on the butterflies was “I am the resurrection and the life, he that believes in me shall never die”, which the children distributed around the congregation.

The service was followed by coffee and resurrection buns whereby everyone got to sample a bun with an empty centre – representing the empty tomb of Christ. 

What a wonderful visual image about new life and hope.

Easter bunnies and eggs will fade but the truth of spiritual new life is for always.

Research shows that if Dads aren’t involved in schools, the result is dumber schools. 97% of teenagers involved with the police have absent fathers. But the other, less known, statistic is that if Dads go to church usually the whole family does.

So Dads and Grandads lets step up this Easter and focus on its great spiritual truths. 

This can be creative and fun. 

An excellent website where you will get some great ideas is  I see their most recent newsletter has the children building a tomb out of chocolate rice bubbles!