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Remember family traditions are so important at Christmas.


As Tevye in 'Fiddler on the Roof' said,” traditions, traditions they tell me who I am (and pointing to the sky) and who He is!’

Here are two great traditions for Christmas: 

Mary and I used to have a special time with our children at Christmas eve.
We would serve up Mary’s fruit mince pies and grape juice in wine glasses.
We would each share the year’s best things ie Event, sports game, challenge and adventure etc.

Then I would read the account in Luke’s gospel chapter two of Christ’s birth and then I would pray a blessing on each child.

Another tradition a friend of mine had was to make Boxing Day Mum’s day off.
He would arrange all the meals and a day long adventure for all the family.
His wife just enjoyed her no work day!

Have a wonderful Christmas time with your family.