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Teach Your Children How To Put The Wow! into Mother's Day


Teach your children how to make mum feel special on Mother’s day so plan ahead to put the ‘Wow!’ into this year’s Mother’s day celebration.

Remember it’s all about two things:

• Showing how much you appreciate her sacrificial love.

• And putting the ‘because’ “in why we love you.

As the great classic song lyrics said, “I love you because...........”

Have each child at dinner toast their mum and say 3 things they love about her, and then you as dad say 6 things you love about her.

Make sure this is one celebration she doesn’t have to do work, like the dishes and cleaning up afterwards.

Here are some great ideas, your children may suggest more:

• Suggest your children make a banner like “We have an awesome Mum!”

• Plan an ‘in bed breakfast’ with her favourite food.

• Every child says three things they love most about her.

• Write a poem about her, and have the children read it to her.

• Plan a surprise picnic lunch or trip.

• Finally make sure each child’s final good night includes, “Mum if I had a million dollars I would buy you......”