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Parenting with Honour


Have you tried just about everything to get your kids to behave? 

Then maybe you need the honour approach. 

This is what discipline without honour looks like: A dad told his son to sit down and put on his safety belt, when he refused he stood over him and demanded it. Well he sat down all right but said this, "I'm sitting on the outside, but I'm standing up on the inside." 

You see, obedience without honour only looks like it works in the short run… and it definitely doesn't work in the long run. Teaching honour shapes a child's heart and his motivations. The key to good behavior is not in controlling your children, but in instilling honour into your family life. 

What is Honour? 

Basically, it's three things: 

1. Treating people as special… 

2. Doing more than what's expected… 

3. And having a good attitude. 

You see, when you instill honour into your family's life, you get to the heart of obedience. And when I say heart, I mean your child's thoughts, intentions and motivations. 

Once a child understands and learns honour they'll be motivated on their own to behave. 

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