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Parenting Advice for the Future King


Well Prince William, you have shown yourself to be an amazing guy, (you even love rugby), so I know you have the potential to be an awesome dad.

Firstly, make sure you are there when the baby is born – I know Kate will be! Neuroscience now tells us every baby comes out of the womb looking for someone waiting for them. Your new born will recognise your heartbeat the moment you hold them.

A great time-honoured practice is to hold Kate’s hand while holding your precious bundle and pray a blessing over them.

Remember to talk to your baby often, looking them in the face. Your facial expressions are as vital as your speech to your baby’s attachment to you and Kate.

Talk ‘baby talk’ often to them.

In the 50s, 60s and 70s experts said parents should use intelligent sentences such as, ‘Hi, I'm Prince William, 6 million of my sperm had a race and 9 months ago you won!’ Now neuroscience says ‘baby talk’ (‘Do, do, dah, dah’ etc.) is like a vocal ramset gun going into your baby's brain and develops communication channels for future growth.

Remember, for a while you may feel like number three in the relationship while Kate focuses on the baby. Hang in there, it will pass.

Find a task you can do each day with the baby, for example bath time, so they get to know you, and Kate will ‘reward you’ too for it.

So, finally, the greatest thing a dad can do is love the mother of their baby. When she is having a bad day she may blame you for world hunger, World War II and heaps more! Just remember, men have the ability created in them to step up and say, ‘Honey, I know I'm a bit of a drongo at times, but I'm so proud of being married to a great mother like you, so how can I help?’

Now, really finally, girls need cherishing love from their dad and to hear you say, ‘you are lovely and capable’, whereas boys need to hear, ‘you've got what it takes mate’ – respectful love.