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Our kids want a great Dad and Grandfather


Last week I was speaking to a large men's group, and during question time a dad shared how six years ago he was a single dad living with a teenage son.  Their relationship was not good.

For Father’s Day, his son brought him my book “Fathers who dare win”.

At first glance, it looked a bit second hand. Then his sixteen-year-old son confessed he had just read it.
After he had read it they had lots of discussion about it, and as a result they became good mates.
He is so proud of his son who has just finished his University degree.

Two things came out of that great feedback:
1. Our children really want a great relationship with their dad.

2. We dads and grandads need all the helpful ideas we can get to be better dads.

So, to celebrate that great feedback here are the special book deals for Father’s day.

"Fathers Who Dare Win" Discounted price $33 (was $37)
"Dad Man Cards" Discounted price $9.99 (was $15)