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Our children need the ancient wisdom of Aristotle...


They think because someone is a great artist, singer or sportsperson that they have it all together.

Aristotle said there are two types of knowledge:
There is Theoretical Knowledge and Practical Knowledge.
He broke Practical knowledge into two realms:
One was Technical Skills – human beings are great at building things, growing crops, artwork, being a sports person. The other was Ethical Wisdom.

We can be very technically proficient.
But that does not make  a good or wise person.

Aristotle was concerned about Ethical Wisdom.
We have to teach our children they are not just animals that react to their environment by instincts alone. As instincts are a very low phenomena.

As humans we should act with reason and wisdom.

That means we need moral wisdom that comes from understanding our life story, and where we fit into the big picture of life.

Otherwise we reduce our living to
 "Thing and function" rather than
 "Purpose and Meaning".

So talk about the 52 Virtues of Life with your children.

Have one on the fridge door each week.

Ask questions like: "What is Hope, courage, kindness..." and so on?