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New Year, New Classroom...


  • Get back into the habit of homework by having regular reading time every day. Ask questions about what they’ve read, and get them to write a little bit too.

  • Start gradually making bedtime earlier; late sleep-ins or bleary-eyed children won’t help stress levels in that first week back.

  • Get the family thinking about ways to make school mornings run more smoothly. A personalised chart is a great way to make sure kids know what they need to do and can check it off as they go.

  • Some families find laminating this chart, works well, so a child can carry it around with them.

  • They’ll grow in responsibility, and you can break the nagging cycle! Always remember compliance in small matters in the morning helps encourage good behaviour throughout the day.

  • For children of all ages starting school again after the long holiday break, reassurance from parents is important.

  • Have a time when you talk about how their school day went. Say at dinner time or at the end of their bed at night. This lets them know you are interested in them and also allows them to see their day’s events through your mature eyes.

  • Remember have those conversations with your children on how their school day went.

It is so important that they see their days experience through their dad’s mature eyes.