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Never give up on helping your children discover their gifts.


Because Antonio’s voice was high and squeaky, he did not make the tryouts for the Cremona Boy’s Choir. When he took violin lessons, the neighbors persuaded his parents to make him stop. Yet Antonio still wanted to make music.

His friends gave him a hard time because his only talent was whittling.

When Antonio was older he served as an apprentice to a violinmaker. His knack for whittling grew into a skill of carving and his hobby became his craft. He worked patiently and faithfully.

By the time he died, he left over 1,500 violins, each one bearing a label that read, “Antonio Stradivarius.” They are the most sought-after violins in the world and sell for more than $300,000 each. Antonio couldn’t sing or play or speak or teach but his responsibility was to use his ability, and his violins are still making beautiful music today.

I love that story.

I’ve stuttered all my live. My mother never gave up encouraging me through the tough times.
I now speak publicly on radio and TV more than most.

Let’s be the ‘Dream maker’ for our children!

As dads let’s never underestimate our children’s gifts and potential.