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Model and teach Compassion as a Dad


1. Dad - you can take the initiative and change a negative family atmosphere!
When the family is stressed and everyone’s energy is depleted—draw on your inner strength to change the atmosphere.
 Lift your families’ spirits with encouragement
• Take home a surprise party.  Ring before you get home to tell them to be ready.
• Plan an impromptu excursion with a picnic to the park/beach/etc.
• Have a picnic by the fire--- read by torchlight a story to your children.
• Buy a joke book to read at the dinner table or read a family classic like Chicken soup for the soul.

2. Model and teach Compassion as a Dad

Heroes are never too big to bend down to help others.

Kindness shown by you to neighbours, the man at the service station and the vulnerable will teach innumerable lessons

• Teach your child to care for an animal.
• Have your family sponsor a needy child somewhere in the world.