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Loving Words Every Child Needs To Hear


Loving words every child needs to hear 

There are times when encouragement means a lot. 

Sometimes a word is enough to convey it. 

In order to know when these times are we need to listen - with our ears, our mind and our heart. Listen for the meaning behind our child’s action. 

Listen for the message behind the words. Respond sensitively to what they are saying. “I’d like to know what’s on your mind. Before you tell me about it … remember I love you and want the best for you. Let’s see if we can come up with a solution / some ideas / a plan together… so you seem to be saying that …” 

Always remember that there is a brief magical moment in every relationship when the right statement will change a life forever. Sometimes it’s asking forgiveness. “The way I talked to you was wrong. I am sorry.” “I was wrong to raise my voice at you. I’m sorry.” 

One of the best ways to have a lasting relationship with your children is to create lasting memories with them. “Let’s go and have some fun together. I can’t do all the things you can do so let’s find something we can both do.” Let your children hear your words of approval. Take pride in their accomplishments. 

State your feelings as if they were the most important feelings in the world. “All your practising has paid off. You have worked hard. I am so proud of you.” “It’s fun to be with you.  You brighten my life.” You might be surprised at what your child creates. 

They could be an Einstein, a Picasso, Gates or Spielberg. You’ll only know if you encourage their creative efforts. Give them the priceless gift of positive reinforcement. “Tell me the story behind this. I think it is very creative.” “Why not have a go? See how it turns out. I’m your Dad. I am proud of you.” “Your dreams for the future matter to me.”   

 From Loving Words Every Child Needs to Hear by Ed Anderson and John E. Peterson