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It Matters to Them...


It seems to happen in every family, your teenager becomes possessed by an alien and refuses to talk and share about their life.   

It's important you start young so that this won't happen to you during the white water rafting years of parenting teenagers.   

A wise saying says, “It matters to you that it matters to them.”   So each night sit at the end of your child's/teenager’s  bed and debrief them, find out what happened in their day and let them see their day through your mature eyes.   

Remember children are often great observers but poor interpreters.   

This is especially important for girls who often get hurt in their relationships. For a boy you might need to say, “How would you rate your day out of 10?” This avoids the one syllable answers that boys often give. 

Remember to eat meals together and ask how their day went. Create a ‘non judgmental atmosphere where they can feel free to share their thoughts and experiences. 

Don’t rush in with quick advice; rather ask them what they would do next time given the same circumstances.