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In a nation such as NZ it is astonishing....


In a nation such as NZ it is astonishing to see how many mental health problems there are amongst teenagers. 
We Dads can keep the communication going, and ensure that our young people don’t become cosmic orphans. By instigating conversations that allow them to work out what they believe, be heard, and debate with family, they will individuate healthily bumping up against loving adults, as they struggle for independence. 

Here’s a radical new way for every family to have faith conversations with teenagers!

Faithbox has been offering family times in a box for 7 years now and are very excited to let you know that they are this week launching Faith Talk Trigger cards for teens.
The families who have trialed these have been amazed. They actually have told us they couldn’t stop their teenagers talking!  
The cards are straight off the press and available on their website. You can order them here our website for $15.00 each or get bulk specials on 3 packs and 10 packs!