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If the internal combustion engine needs an annual tune-up so do our relationships


I had my car’s annual service and driving out afterwards I nearly went through the windscreen when I applied the brakes. I didn’t notice how soft they had become before the tune-up!

In today’s busy world don’t neglect your important relationships!

So plan time for each other as a couple.

Remember romance is the key factor! Don’t ever let it lose its sparkle!
Romantic adventures together put the Wow! back into our marriage and parenting.

*     Encourage each other, listen to how your spouse’s day went

*    Have a weekly date.

*    Have a planned weekend away - Make sure it’s planned too.
    She thinks, “Three days away with man I love, we’ll have meaningful conversations!”
    Otherwise He thinks “Great, three days away with the woman I love we’ll have great sex!”
    And it falls apart on the first night!

Read our book “Growing Great Marriages” for more insights into Relationship tune-ups.
Remember happy spouses have happy families.