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I hope you have a great Father's day this Sunday


As a Dad you can add to the celebration by taking the initiative.
For instance after thanking your family for their gifts and kind thoughts, tell them as it is your special day you want to celebrate being a dad of a great family.

•    “So I’m going to serve a Dad’s ‘World-class’ ice cream banana split for desert.”
Of course make sure it is ‘World-class’ with all the trimmings.

•    Or tell each member of your family three things you admire most about them and present each with a king size Crunchie bar, don’t forget to include your wife.

•    Or tell each child what was so special on the day they were born that you remember.

•    Or bake a special pizza where each child chooses their own filling as a portion of it. Remember it is fun when they choose crazy fillings.

•    You may have more creative ideas than these so ‘go for it!’

Your children will never forget the special things dad did on Father’s day with them, it may get even passed on to future generations.