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I believe there are three golden rules in parenting teenagers


First, “Don't parent out of your own pain”.

Don't bribe your child with all the goodies in life hoping that they will fill your emotional tank or heal the pain of a broken marriage or your own painful childhood.

Seek help, but not from your children.

Second, “Allow your teenager to live with the consequences of their own actions.”

If they go to bed late, don't let them sleep in.  Get them up at the normal time, and with music in your voice say, “Hey, it’s a real bummer that you feel tired, but don't worry, you can go to bed early tonight.”

Thirdly, don't rescue them.

The police say this is the biggest problem of all.  Parents who will not believe that their teenager is capable of doing wrong.

“My son would never do that! There must be a mistake.” 

Don't be a helicopter parent, always trying to rescue your teenager, let them feel the consequences of their actions.

Love is best defined: as desiring the very best for another person.  Rescuing doesn’t come into this picture.

We all learn best from our mistakes.

Remember as parents, your teenager in the years to come will choose what retirement home you spend your last years in.   So remember the golden rules!