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Husband who gets it wrong


I have a programme on the Rhema radio network called “Love Doctor” where people send in their relationship problems.
I thought this one could be relevant to all us husbands:
Hi Ian  
Really need your help and advice, as I am really bad at buying gifts and it’s my wife Birthday soon. 
We have been married for nearly 25 years and every year I fail to get her something she likes. I’ve brought flowers, and she was allergic to them, I’ve brought chocolates when she was on a diet, I’ve bought a coffee mug and she had stopped drinking hot drinks. 
It really is very stressful, I want her to feel love and special but it’s always a swing and a miss. 

I asked my lovely Mary for her advice:

You'd be surprised how common this is. Husbands can be really bad guessers when it comes to what their wives are hoping for. 
Amongst our friends - there have been a few:-

-From one wife floods of tears when her husband surprised her with a trip to the Gold Coast for their wedding anniversary. It meant she was missing several Christmas break up events she had been looking forward to. 

- A husband who gave his wife an expensive jewelled necklace when she only ever wore casual type jewellery and because of their tight budget would loved to have spent the money on a top or some shoes.

- Gold dress from Singapore!
{Yes she even remembers my dumb gift of buying her a gold silk Chinese dress from Singapore…Really bad - when was she going to wear it!}

- Suggest you don't go there with gifts without some research

Ask your daughter

Do some casual fishing "What would be your best, favourite etc"

Languages of love. Does she love words, flowers, a voucher, a wonderful experience, a shopping expedition with you? 

Download a quiz for fun. How well do you know your spouse? and do it together. 

See if you learn something you didn't know!