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How to Protect your teenager from risky drinking behaviour


Be clear in your expectations, why? Because you care!
Don’t be afraid to set rules for your young teen and ease off as they grow older. Discuss the consequences with them.

The organization MADD has a great list:
• Get kicked off the sports team
• Your education could be jeopardized
• Driving privileges lost
• Prison time
• Get pregnant
• Even death

1. Remember your child is learning from your behaviour.
Wine is a great stress reliever, but if you get drunk you’re mapping your child’s future behaviour. Always set the example you want to see in your teenager.
2. Have a stable counter offensive to the risky drinking culture.
Provide a stable and secure family environment.
Kids are very vulnerable to trauma and strong tension in the household.
The more Fun and Communication in your family the less they will want to binge drink.
3. Know the signs.
Possible indicators of teen drinking:
• Sudden depression.
• Lower grades.
• Irresponsibility and irritability.
4. Build trust.

The best way to stop binge drinking is to have a strong, trusting relationship with your child.
That has to happen before the teenage years.