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Here are some good questions to challenge yourself as a Dad


(It is so important that children know their dad loves them no matter what!)

Here are the questions:

*  Do they know they are loved when they are being disciplined?

Children need discipline to teach them how to live life.  We need to do it through a life-coaches heart.
Never do it when you are angry as they will only be dealing with the emotion of your anger and not your discipline actions. 

*  Do they know they are loved when their life goes through a rough spot?

Watching someone we love go through pain is difficult. But pain is a great teacher as long as they have a dad who is there for them.

*  Do they know they are loved when our lives are hectic?

We can’t be focused on our kids all of the time and shouldn’t be. Children can handle dad being busy if they know why.  With modern technology you can keep in contact with them.

*  Do they know they are loved when they are confused?

There is so much about the world that doesn’t make sense to a child. Childhood is a confusing period all the way through the teen years and even beyond. Sometimes we expect our kids to know things at their young age that we didn’t learn until much later. 

*  Do you hug them and ask questions about their day?

Never forget the rule, “To be listened too is so close to being loved we humans often can’t tell the difference!”