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Helping Your Child To Live In The Real World


Many well-educated young adults find themselves with no realistic goal after leaving school. They drift through multiple jobs or casual pursuits, unable to commit to a career or provide for themselves. And many parents are still housing, feeding and supporting their grown children well into their adult years, hoping that they'll eventually "find themselves," But some don't.  So before they take off, make sure they have a flight plan. Otherwise, you may be rescuing them for the rest of your life. Children need to learn the three ‘success’ truths:      

1. Commit:You only succeed in life when you hang in during the bad times as well as the good.

2. Play to your strengths. Discover what you are good at and develop those gifts.     

3. Persevere  To many people give up when success was just around the corner. 

Be a ‘Parent-coach’ never a ‘Helicopter parent.’ If your child finds a sport coach or school teacher difficult, resist saying, “Oh that’s so stupid or unfair.” Rather help your child work around the problem because they are going to have to deal with difficult bosses and people throughout life.