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Has Your Dog Turned Into A Cat?


The writer Adair Lara says young children behave like dogs -- they’re affectionate and love being around you. But when they hit the teen years they start acting like cats -- distant and finicky. They make you feel unneeded.

But realize that your teenager still needs you and your affection.
Just change your approach.
Be available and let them come to you. When they do, don’t smother them or cling too tightly. Let them have their moods and offer them understanding. The teen animal can be tamed with your unconditional love.
•    They are individuating, learning how to be an adult.
•    They will re-knit the values and morals you taught them into their own garment of values.
•    They need space to handle this.
•    They still need your parenting input:
     *    To remind them to feel-think-act.
     *    To live with the consequences of their actions, so don’t be a helicopter parent who always rescues them from their consequences.
     *    Your approval of them as a young adult.

So plan dates to have quality time with them.

Encourage their vision for their future:

Vision: “Your picture of the future that grabs your passion.”